Bio: I am a creative mom who loves paper crafting, altering, and painting. I love to bake and read and have been known to even cook when the right recipe comes along! I am having fun on a new journey with blogging and look forward to sharing all that I create and love with you!

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  1. Kimberly says:

    aloha I just wanted to say MAHALO for showing your wonderful, beautiful artwork! Also for sharing and LINKING where you got them. You really just inspired me to now try and make something.

    I am disabled and just started getting into crafting. I’d like to keep in touch with you in case I have any questions. Like for example your 2014 trim organizer with spools…where did you get your paper to layer?Blue is my favorite color. Where do you buy your laces now ? I also signed up to be a follower as well. Hope to hear from you on my personal email.

    HUGS,,,great job and looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring beautiful work.

    • Aloha to you Kimberly!

      I have neglected my blog for so long 😦 Thank you so much for stopping by! The papers I used in that project are Tilda papers. I think I shared a video on my Youtube channel. If you want to find more up to date and current info YT would be the best place. Sadly my blog kind of fell to the way side for now. My YT is shoeprincess1. Also, I buy my laces from all over. The internet and JoAnn’s. Online there are a million resources from Etsy to Zibbet to eBay. Lavishlaces, suhafuha, lace lindsey to name a few online 🙂

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